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Connect your brand with forward thinking economic opportunity.

Promoting ethics for economic inclusivity serving people and planet alike, The Citizens Media® (CM) provides sponsors with forward thinking opportunity to connect across culturally diverse networks throughout the world.

Money you give will be used to provide members of communities with the support they need to design, develop, report and deliver on businesses that upcycle funds to build economies from within.

You are looking for an outcome greater than a financial benefit: committed to supporting initiatives where outcomes are continually upcycled and recycled, to create real and sustainable change in society. These changes better the circumstances for people and communities. You may also be interested in the learning opportunities, made available through the support, growth and success of funds that you give.

Bringing you face to face with forward thinking strategies for community engagement, that leads to sustainable development both on and offline, the benefits of becoming a sponsor rest as much in the journey as the outcomes themselves.

Your company logo and a brief statement that links to a page of your choice, will go above the footer on business content. How often your logo appears will depend on how much you give relative to the total sponsor contributions and the number of page hits we get.


As activity increases, sponsors will be invited to target where their promotion appears. This will be based on the location of participants.

Our target is to receive CAD $1 for every CAD $1 received in funds from the crowd.

The cost to sponsor in any given month will depend on the total crowdfunds – Active Funds – pledged in the preceding month.


  • Total Active Funds received through CM in July = $200,000
  • Target Sponsor Funds for August = $200,000

Potential frequency of your August promotions:

Scenario 1: You are the only sponsor, contributing $75,000. Your promotion will appear on every page hit.

Scenario 2: You are one of two sponsors, both contributing $100,000. Your promotion will appear on every other page hit.

Scenario 3: You are one of three sponsors, contributing $100,000 each. Your promotion will appear on one out of every three page hits.

Scenario 4: You are one of four sponsors. Two of the sponsors contribute $50,000 each; the third gives $100,000; you give $200,000. Total sponsorship for August $400,000. The first two sponsor promotions will appear in one out of every eight page hits; the third sponsor promotions will appear in one in every four; yours will appear in one out of two.

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Secure your brand in the changing economy

By taking this opportunity, sponsors demonstrate their commitment to help overcome some of the most pressing challenges that reside in our world today.

To request a call to discuss sponsorship please submit the form below, or email