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As the land keeper of Nurture in Nature, it was a vision that slowly formed to create a small community where we could help each other out. By inviting others to live on this land, they in return have helped me create the garden, build the greenhouse, watch over my dog, play with my 3 boys and create ideas together to further develop the property and buildings. Like in nature, we formed a symbiotic relationship with good communication, friendship and a strong bond. This allowed me to focus my time as a single mother to my boys while also giving them a sense of security knowing that other adults are not only looking out for them but mentoring them too. I feel a strong connection with nature and want to create a place to teach my boys and other families how to be in nature and learn from it. This ranges from camping, hiking, making fires and shelters and it is my aim to complete a further education course in this to develop my knowledge for the younger generation in the community.

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